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The online enrollment form allows patients to enter patient demographic information, payment information and request participation or enroll in your practice online.

Global Settings

You can edit the settings for your membership signup forms, whether you have one or more, under the 'Global Settings' tab.

Subdomain & Custom URL

We recommend replacing the subdomain with your practice's name, all one word and lowercase. The link to your online enrollment form is the custom URL located below the subdomain (screenshot below). You can email this link directly to patients or put it up on your website. This link is connected to your default membership plan. If you have more than one plan, please click here for directions on how to set up multiple sign up pages.

Auto Confirm Memberships

When this feature is turned on, it allows patients to enroll online and immediately become active paying members in your practice. When this feature is turned off, it requires an admin to confirm their membership prior to joining the practice. Needing to confirm patient's memberships will also allow you to set a future start and bill date for that membership.

Payment Sources

We recommend turning on "Accept Bank Accounts" (ACH) payments as bank transfers do not incur transaction fees. However, when bank account payments fail, Stripe charges you a $1 "failed payment fee". Hint encourages patients to use ACH by making it the default payment form. In addition, we have the patient click through a confirmation window when they indicate they want to switch to credit card. This confirmation window actually tells the patient the exact amount of extra money they'll be costing you, the provider, by choosing credit card.

Bank account verification is required before payments can be processed on a patient's bank account.

Credit/Debit Card

Our payment processor charges a 2% transaction fee on all credit/debit cards payments but since it is the most widely accepted form of payment, we also recommend turning this feature on.

American Express

AmEx has slightly higher charges with a 3% transaction fee on payments processed through Stripe.

More information on payment methods can be found here.

Allow Future Start Dates

If this is off, the member will not get a choice and the membership will start the day the form is submitted (unless auto-confirm is turned off as the practice decides when their start date in that case)
If this is turned on, and auto-confirm is on, the patient can choose any day in the future to start their membership.

Member Agreements

When patients sign up using your online sign up form, you can have them check a box that indicates they have read and agreed to any member agreement you may have. This agreement must be uploaded as a link. If you do not have a link to your agreement, you can create one by following the directions here.

Requiring a Lead Source

You can require patients who enroll in your practice online to identify how they learned of your practice. This is known as the “Lead Source”.

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Online Signup.

  2. In the “Global Settings” tab, scroll down to “Collect Lead Source” and mark it “Required”.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update”.

Confirmation Page

This is where you decide what you want your patients to see after they sign up. We will have a default message of 'Thank you for signing up for [Your Practice Name]'. If you do not have auto confirmation set up, we will include a sentence 'You will be charged when your membership is confirmed'. There is also a button that will default direct back to the website you listed when filling out your practice's contact information (Admin --> Practice --> General). In this section you can edit where the button directs to as well as what the button says. Clicking the link at the bottom of this section will let you preview the confirmation page.

Below is an example of a custom confirmation page for a practice with auto confirmation turned off:

You can also redirect to an external page once patients submit the form. To do that, toggle the switch to the right of where it says 'Auto Direct to External Site' and then enter the site you would like patients to be directed to.

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