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Managing patient agreements
Managing patient agreements

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If you would like patients to review and sign agreements during enrollment, you can configure agreements by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Documents

  2. Click '+ New Documents'

  3. Select the type of document and give it a name

  4. Leave published on if you plan on having it show on online signup. Unpublished documents will only be displayed on a patient's chart if they are already signed.

  5. Select if you would like it displayed and required on online signup 

  6. Chose between a checkbox confirmation or the patient typing their name (e-signature)

  7. Click 'Create'

Location and Plan Specific Documents
You can choose if a document is shown to all patients enrolling, only for specific plans, or locations. 

  • Everyone: practice-specific documents that apply to all patients regardless of membership status. 

  • Specific Plans: plan-specific documents that apply to patients enrolled/enrolling in that specific plan. Additionally documents can be required for retail patients (individual or group memberships) or employees (sponsored by an employer) only; and be plan specific (see picture)

  • Specific Locations: location-specific documents that apply to patients enrolled/enrolling in that specific location.

NOTE: if updating documents that were previously required for every patient to being plan or location specific, please un-publish the current one (the "Publish" button at the top of the page can be turned off) and upload the revised document as a new file to save the history of the document on each patient's chart. Deleted documents will not display as there is no longer a record of them in our system. Deleting is permanent action (see note below).

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about updating and editing documents!

Agreements from the Patient's Chart

Next to each document listed under the 'Agreements' segment is a status and a 'See details' link. This will enable you to click through to the document itself ('Show Agreement') or to mark/unmark the document as accepted (depending on the document's current status). 

  • not accepted: This document has not been signed. A user can manually 'Mark as accepted' and upload a signed agreement.

  • accepted (in green): This document has been signed. The date and time of the acceptance is displayed to the right of the status. 

  • accepted (in yellow): This document has been signed; however, the terms of the document have been revised and requires acceptance. 

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