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Adding a Social Security Number
Adding a Social Security Number
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If you would like to start collecting patient's social security numbers in Hint please follow the below directions:

  1. Go to Admin>Providers & Patients

  2. Click the Patients tab

  3. Toggle on Enable SSN if you would like the option to collect patients' social security numbers

  4. Toggle on Require SSN selection for every patient to require patients to enter their SSN upon registration. This will also force Hint users to enter a SSN when manually creating a new patient

Once that toggle has been turned on, you can navigate to your online signup form to indicate whether you would like to collect SSN on online signup and if so, whether it is required. (If you have required SSN for every patient toggled on in your 'Practice' section, it will be required on online signup as well)

If SSN is asked for during online signup, patients will see the below field.

To add/edit a patient's SSN

  1. Click on the patient's name

  2. Select 'Edit Patient' on their patient tab that appears on the right

  3. Type their SSN in the SSN field

Viewing a Patient's SSN

If your role is 'Admin' you will have the option to view the entire SSN from the patient's patient tab

If you are not an admin you will only be able to see the last 4 digits

SSN in downloads

If you are an admin, when you export your main patient list you will be able to select if you would like that export to contain the patient's full SSN number. (This is defaulted to be unselected).

If you are not an admin you will not have the ability to export SSNs.

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