To remove the primary payer from a membership, but keep dependents active:

  1. Search for the primary patient (the payer) and click on their name

  2. Click 'Edit membership'

  3. Click 'Change Payer' and select who you would now like to pay for this membership

  4. Scroll down to the 'Members' section

  5. Select an end date (can be any end date up until the next bill date)

  6. Select a cancellation reason from the drop-down menu (if applicable)

  7. The next bill for the membership will reflect the new price without the primary's fee. If you'd like to process a prorated refund, just process a partial refund on the paid invoice or prorate any outstanding invoice by following these steps.

  8. Click 'Update'

This will terminate the primary payer's membership effective their next bill date. The dependents will stay active and all invoices will now show up under the new payer's 'Invoice Tab'.

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