The Hint platform has a set of tools designed to manage one-off charges, pre-define a set of charge items, and keep track of basic inventory. There is also the ability to assign charges to categories and then filter by those categories in revenue and payment reports.

One-Off Charges

To add a one-off charge against a patient, you will need to create an invoice, and add charges to the invoices. Detailed instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Charge Categories

Charge categories allow you to group similar charge items together. You can then filter various reports by these categories.

To add categories:

  1. Click 'Admin' 

  2. Select 'Charges & Taxes' 

  3. Click the 'Charge Categories' tab

  4. Click '+New Category' 

  5. Add the category name and click 'Save' 

The charge category screen will also show how much revenue has fallen under each category for the month. Again you can also see this amount from reports.

As soon as you create your first membership, we auto generate a memberships category for any memberships or membership registration fees.

Charge Categories and Reports

Within the 'Billed Revenue' and 'Received Payment' reports, if you select the 'All Categories' dropdown, you will be able to filter charges, including membership charges, by category.

Charge Items & Discounts

A pre-defined list of charge items can be defined so that when adding charges to an invoice, you can simply pick the item from a dropdown menu. To add charge items:

  1. Click 'Admin' 

  2. Select 'Charges & Taxes'

  3. Click the 'Charge Items' tab

  4. Click '+New Item' 

  5. Fill in all relevant information and be sure to include a category

When creating a charge item you can define an item name, price, category, description, and you can also track inventory. Charge items can be negative and used to discount an invoice.All of these fields will auto complete when adding the charge to an invoice. 

If the charge items you are creating are taxable, you can learn how to configure your tax profiles here.

Charge Items Inventory

If you select the option of tracking charge item inventory, we will automatically decrement the current inventory every time a charge item is used.

We will also issue a warning if the inventory level falls below the defined warning level when adding the charge to an invoice.

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