On your patient list you will notice a green button in the upper right hand corner that says '+New Charge'.

Creating a New Charge

To create a new charge for a patient or employer please follow these steps

  1. Select the +New Charge button.

  2. Choose the patient and charge item you would like to create and fill out any other required information.

  3. If a patient is under an employer plan you will notice a selection for payer.

  4. You can choose to generate a new invoice or add it to an invoice already in draft.

5. Save the charge

Invoice Actions on a Patient

Once you are finished entering your charges for a patient, you will be able to complete your payment workflow but selecting the invoice actions button on the right.

Issue & Pay

  • This will issue and process the payment right away

  • This may not appear on the list if the patient does not have a valid payment source on file.

Issue & Record Payment

  • This will issue the invoice and ask you to record the payment externally

Issue & Schedule Payment

  • A date can be set to process the payment on a specific date in the future

Issue & Send Email

  • The invoice will be created and notify the patient, but will not be processed without manual action from the practice or patient

Once the action is completed, you will find this under the invoices tab of the membership owner/payer chart.

Invoice Actions on an Employer

  • No invoice actions will appear when the charge is passed along to a sponsor/employer.

  • You will find this charge under the employers invoices section, added to their upcoming invoice or in a new draft, depending on the selection you made.

A full article on how our charge items work can be found here.

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