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Pre-Configured Charge Items
Pre-Configured Charge Items
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HintOS has functionality designed to manage point-of-care charges, keep track of basic inventory and apply sales tax to applicable charges. Additionally, HintOS supports the ability to assign a charge to a financial reporting category for revenue reporting by category.

Creating Charge Items

A pre-defined list of charge items can be created so that when adding charges to an invoice, you can simply pick the item from a dropdown menu. To add charge items manually please see the steps below. If you prefer to upload a list of charges, please send your spreadsheet to

  1. Click 'Admin' 

  2. Select 'Charges & Taxes'

  3. Click '+ New Item' 

  4. Fill in all relevant information and be sure to assign a category for revenue reporting

When creating a charge item you can define a charge item by:

  • name

  • description

  • price

  • category

  • code

  • code type (CPT, LONIC, NDC, Snowmed)

  • facility/manufacturer

  • Taxable (T/F)

    • If the charge items you are creating are taxable, you can learn how to configure your tax profiles here.

  • Inventory unit of measure (each, day, month, quarter, half year, year)

    • If unit of measure is "each" then you can use HintOS to track inventory and be alerted when you are running low in stock

    • If unit of measure is "each" you will also have an option for "Days Supply" to use for medications or supplements (e.g. quantity of 1, 30 day supply)

    • If you select day, month, quarter, half year, or year you can use these charges for prorating membership fees

If you offer member discounts on your products or services, please take a look at our article on setting up a coverage plan to apply automatic discounts here.

Charge Items Inventory

If you select the option of tracking charge item inventory, we will automatically decrement the current inventory every time a charge item is used.

We will also issue a warning if the inventory level falls below the defined warning level when adding the charge to an invoice.

Point-of-Care Charges

To create a one-off charge for a patient, please use the "+ New Charge" button on your main patient page. Detailed instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Charge Category Reporting

All charge items assigned to a charge category will be available in your financial reports via the 'All Categories' dropdown. You will be able to filter charges, including membership charges, by category to see your revenue broken out by your different revenue streams.


What happens when I change the name of a charge item?

  • When you change a charge item name, it will change the name in all previous invoices.

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