Processing credit/debit/ACH payment

Membership charges for autopay enabled patients will automatically process on their payment due date. For all other invoices that you are manually applying payment to:

  1. Navigate to the patient's profile in Hint

  2. Add a valid payment source under 'Payment Options' 

  3. Click on the patient's 'Invoice tab' 

  4. Click on the invoice you would like to apply payment to

  5. If processing payment by card or bank account click 'Process Payment' 
    - If you are paying the full amount: in the box that pops up, select the payment source you would like to use and click 'Process Payment for $XXX' 
    - If you want to only apply partial payment: in the box that pops up edit the text box with the full amount so the 'Process Payment'  button reflects the amount you want to process. Select the payment source you would like to use and click 'Process Payment for $XXX'  

Record Payment By Cash or Check

  1. Click the blue 'Record Payment' button

  2. In the box that pops up, indicate how much of the full payment you would like to mark as received

  3. Select the form of payment you have received and include a memo if you would like

  4. Click 'Record $XXX Payment' 

Payment History

The Payment History section at the bottom of the invoice will display the amount paid on each payment source and will allow you to process refunds to the appropriate payment method.

Invoice statuses

Invoice status show up front and center on the invoice.

Invoices can have the following statuses:

  •  Draft: A draft invoice is editable and will not show up on revenue reports

  •  Issued: An issued invoice is not editable and is not paid so you can revise the amounts. It is also representative of an invoice that has not yet been sent. Typically issued invoices are awaiting some kind of action on your side

  •  Sent: A sent invoice typically indicates that action on your side has been completed. If you mark an issued invoice as sent, it will move to this status. A sent invoice is typically representative of an invoice that is outstanding

  •  Paid: Once an invoice is paid, it can be refunded. An invoice moves to the paid status if you click the mark as paid button, or if it is actually paid through a credit card or bank account. If a bank account is processing a payment on an invoice, and it fails, it will move from paid, to issued once the bank account fails

  •  Retrying: If a credit card is used on an invoice, and the credit card fails, it will retry the invoice a number of times before it moves back into the issued state

  •  Cancelled: If you void an invoice, it will move into the cancelled state. If an invoice is cancelled, it will not show up on revenue reports

  •  Bad Debt: If you mark an invoice as bad debt, it will continue to show up on revenue reports, however we will stop attempting to process any charges against the invoice

  •  Disputed: If a customer disputes an invoice through a credit card chargeback or the bank declines or reverses out a payment, it will show up as disputed on the invoice 

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