Bad debt is an invoice whose payment is unlikely to ever be collected. If you mark an invoice as bad debt, it will remain in your revenue reports, but it will no longer be collectable through the app.

To mark an invoice as bad debt:

  1. Search for the patient whose invoice you would like to mark as bad debt

  2. Go to their 'Invoice' Tab

  3. Click on the invoice you would like to mark as bad debt

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the invoice and click 'Other Options'

  5. In the drop down menu that appears select 'Bad Debt'

  6. In the dialogue box that pops up, click 'Mark Invoice #x As Bad Debt' to confirm

What happens when a charge is marked as bad debt?

When an invoice is marked as bad debt, the invoice status will change to bad debt, however revenue reports will still show the full amount owed.

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A bad debt is not considered to be a failed charge. As such, bad debt will not contribute towards a patient being displayed under the 'Has Past Due Invoices' filter on the Patients screen.

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