Once an invoice is issued, you can edit non-financial information:

Fields that can be edited:

  • Charge category

  • Charge description

  • Assigned provider

  • Assigned location

  • Patient receiving the charge item or service

  • Service Date

  • Payer (if invoice is unpaid)

To edit an issued invoice:

  1. Select the invoice you wish to edit

  2. Click on any field with a dotted underline to edit the value

  3. Click 'Save' once changes are complete

Unlocking Financial Periods

As a practice Admin on Hint, you can lock and unlock financial periods from being edited. By default, all financial periods are unlocked.

To lock or unlock financial periods:

  1. Navigate to 'Reports'

  2. Select 'Reporting Periods' from the drop down menu

  3. Click 'Lock' for each month you would like to prevent edits to issued invoices

  4. Click 'unlock this reporting period' to unlock a period for editing

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