Once we have "turned on" Sedera Health and/or Zion Health on your Hint account , you can choose to recommend their services when a patient completes enrollment into your practice. Here's how to add the enrollment widget to your online signup form: 

  1. Go to Admin>Online Signup>Signup Pages
  2. Next to the online signup page where you would like the Sedera widget to appear, click 'Edit
  3. From the drop-down under 'Wrap-Arounds Enabled', select one (or more if applicable) Cost-Sharing Entities
  4. Click 'Save'

Once enabled on the Hint online signup form, a widget will appear on the Thank You/Confirmation page asking the patient if they are interested in adding Cost-Sharing coverage. They can request an email that will provide more information or can directly enroll in the selected Cost-Sharing's enrollment form. The Wrap-Arounds section on your patient account will update to reflect if a patient has completed enrolled.

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