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Cost-Sharing Patient Enrollment Flow
Cost-Sharing Patient Enrollment Flow

Sedera Enrollment, Zion Enrollment

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Once you have "turned on" the Zion Health or Sedera Health integration on your Hint account, you can choose to recommend their services when a patient completes enrollment into your practice. Here's how to add the enrollment widget to your online signup form: 

  1. Click on 'Admin' in the top menu bar

  2. Select 'Online Signup'

  3. Select the tab for 'Signup Pages'

  4. Next to the online signup page where you would like the Zion and/or Sedera enrollment widget to appear, click 'Edit

  5. From the drop-down under 'Wrap-Arounds', select one (or more if applicable) Cost-Sharing Entities

  6. Click 'Update'

Once enabled on the Hint online signup form, a widget will appear on the Thank You/Confirmation page after the patient enrolls in your practice asking the patient if they are interested in adding Cost-Sharing coverage. They can request an email that will provide more information or can directly enroll in the selected Cost-Sharing's enrollment form. The Wrap-Arounds section on your patient account will update to reflect if a patient has completed cost-sharing enrollment for Zion Health.

To watch a product overview of these features please take a look at the video below.

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