Once Sedera Access is enabled on your Hint account, you can choose to display a Sedera widget on your Hint online signup forms. Here's how to add the Sedera widget: 

  1. Go to Admin>Online Signup>Signup Pages
  2. Next to the online signup page where you would like the Sedera widget to appear, click 'Edit
  3. From the drop-down under 'Add-Ons Enabled', select 'Sedera Health'
  4. Click 'Save'

When Sedera Access is enabled on your Hint online signup form, a widget will appear on the Thank You/Confirmation page asking the patient if they are interested in adding Sedera coverage. They can request an email that will provide more information on Sedera in addition to a personalized enrollment link.

To complete the enrollment process, patients enrolling in Sedera Access coverage will be required to answer a question on their tobacco usage which effects the price we display for the monthly Sedera Access cost sharing membership.

Patient who have consumed tobacco products in the last twelve months should expect to see a $45 increase in the cost of their monthly Sedera Access membership:

Patient will also be required to complete a health history form on pre-existing conditions to determine their eligibility for coverage:

Patients enrolling in a Sedera Access plan will be required to agree to the following Sedera agreement:

Sedera Disclaimer and Member Principles and Responsibilities

The patient will need to re-enter their preferred payment method before we can process their membership and Sedera payment. 

Once the patient has completed their Sedera Access enrollment form, their membership and upcoming invoices will automatically update in Hint.

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