When signing up patients online, we can have them agree to your regular contract terms or new patient agreement, which helps reduce admin time when on-boarding a new patient. 

If you already have a signed copy of the agreement, uploading it to Hint is simple. 

  1. Navigate to the patient's chart

  2. On their main 'patient' tab, scroll down to the agreements section

  3. Click 'see details' to the right of the agreement you'd like to upload

  4. Click 'mark as accepted'

  5. Click 'choose file'

  6. Select the signed agreement

  7. Click 'Confirm'

To view a copy of the uploaded signed agreement:

  1. Click 'see details' to the right of the agreement

  2. Click 'view uploaded document'

If you need to configure an agreement prior to uploading it to a patient's chart, click here.

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