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Virtual Visit Patient Checkout Flow
Virtual Visit Patient Checkout Flow
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Once you've create a signup link for a one-time virtual visit, your patients can pay for this visit without being enrolled in a membership. Your team will receive an email notification when a patient completes the checkout process. The follow overviews the patient experience when purchasing a one-time visit.

Your Hint enrollment form will largely look the same as your membership enrollment form with the following differences:

  1. The bill section is located directly below the patients basic info

  2. The bills overview shows the charge item name and one-time price

Your default online signup page settings will apply including any default patient contracts. If you have a virtual visit specific patient agreement, please reach out to to help with the configurations.

If you would like to setup a page redirect to your Elation booking site or scheduling tool, please reach out to support with the redirect link. Learn how to setup your Elation booking site here.

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