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Invite Employees to Enroll in Employer Sponsored Coverage
Invite Employees to Enroll in Employer Sponsored Coverage

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When contracting with employers, there are two enrollment methods:

  1. Opt-in enrollment: In an opt-in model, you may be given a list of eligible employees/dependents but they are not enrolled in a membership until they take an additional step to opt-in to coverage.

  2. Auto-enrollment: For auto-enrollment, the employer or TPA will provide you with a list of enrolled employees and dependents. Hint will create memberships for all of these members.

If you've implemented an opt-in enrollment model with the employer you're working with, the employee invite email allows you to automate the outreach to encourage participation with a one-click enrollment.

Here's how it works:

Once the employee invite email has been enabled on your employer's account in Hint, we will automatically:

  1. Email any new eligible employee who is added to the employer account

  2. The email contains a unique signup link with the employee's first, last, DOB and email pre-populate for easy enrollment

  3. The employee can accept your member contract to complete the signup process (if applicable)

To enable the employee invite email:

  1. Click on 'Employers' in the upper menu bar

  2. Click on the employer's account

  3. Click on the tab for 'Account & Pricing'

  4. Scroll down to the employee sign up section

  5. Select 'on' for send employee invite notification

Learn more about how to automate eligibility or enrollment updates with our Eligibility Autosync.

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