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Configuring Commissions in Hint
Configuring Commissions in Hint
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Hint Core's Commissions tracking allows you to automatically calculate payouts to brokers and other entities that bring you business. The following steps will help you get started:

Enabling Commissions on your account

  1. Go to Admin > Commissions

  2. If your Hint Core plan supports Commissions, click ‘Enable Commissions’

  3. If your Hint Core plan does not support Commissions, contact customer support at

  4. Once Commissions is enabled, you’ll see the ‘%’ icon in the left-hand menu bar

Setting up your Broker Accounts

A broker represents an individual who brings in deals. Hint tracks commissions at the broker level and then groups these commissions onto statements at the account level.

A broker account represents the business entity to which you will pay a commission. You can add more than one broker to each account, but those brokers will not each receive a statement.

To create a new broker account, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the ‘%’ icon in the left-hand main menu bar

  2. Click ‘+ Add Account

  3. Add account details on the next screen

  4. If this account brings in retail/self-pay memberships, enable that option and create a retail rate

  5. Once the broker account is created, you can add a broker to the account by clicking ‘+ Add Broker’ on the 'Brokers' tab

Now you're ready to configure configure employer deals and retail deals.

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