HintOS Commissions tracking allows you to automatically calculate payouts to brokers and other entities that bring you business. The following steps will help you get started:

Enabling Commissions on your account

  1. Go to Admin > Commissions

  2. If your HintOS plan supports Commissions, click ‘Enable Commissions’

  3. If your HintOS plan does not support Commissions, contact customer support at support@hint.com

  4. Once Commissions is enabled, you’ll see the ‘Commissions’ icon in the upper right menu bar

Setting up your Broker Accounts

A broker represents an individual who brings in deals. HintOS tracks commissions at the broker level and then groups these commissions onto statements at the account level.

A broker account represents the business entity to which you will pay a commission. You can add more than one broker to each account, but those brokers will not each receive a statement.

To create a new broker account, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to ‘Commissions’ in the main menu bar

  2. Click ‘+ Add Account’

  3. Add account details on the next screen

  4. If this account brings in retail/consumer memberships enable that option and select/create a retail rate

  5. Once the broker account is created, you can add one or more brokers by clicking ‘+ Add Broker’

Now you're ready to configure configure employer deals and retail deals.

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