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Collecting ACH Info on a Custom Signup Form
Collecting ACH Info on a Custom Signup Form
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From the stripe JS response for a bank account, enter the token id in the stripe_token field when creating a bank account. In order to CRUD banks or card a patient needs to exist first. The Hint patient id is required in the URL for cards and banks.


  • You have built your own inputs to collect bank routing, account number, account holder name, and account type (individual or company) **see link below for more info

  • You will need to require dual entry of account number by the patient (obscure the first entry so it can’t be seen when confirming the number the 2nd time) before sending it to stripe OR Hint

  • You must use Hint’s public keys in stripe.js. Here's an example from Stripe on how to do this:

// Stripe Production Public Key: 'pk_live_ImPWqYGkbMfjwg22MiAmB6u4'
// Stripe Test Public Key: 'pk_test_Y7byiIyWmjqy4Xy7fjArJdPl'stripe
.createToken('bank_account', {
country: 'US',
currency: 'usd',
routing_number: '110000000',
account_number: '000123456789',
account_holder_name: 'Jenny Rosen',
account_holder_type: 'individual',
.then(function(result) {
// send token to hint
Testing ACH
You can mimic successful and failed ACH charges using the following bank routing and account numbers:Routing number: 110000000
Account number:
000123456789 (success)
000111111116 (failure upon use)
000111111113(account closed)
000222222227 (NSF/insufficient funds)
000333333335 (debit not authorized)
000444444440 (invalid currency)

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