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DPC Networks: Paying Affiliate Invoices
DPC Networks: Paying Affiliate Invoices

review and approve affiliate invoices, pay affiliates

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Affiliate invoices are generated monthly based on the affiliate fee plan and enrolled members. Networks can pay affiliates by check, credit card or bank transfer.

Paying affiliates via credit card or bank transfer will save networks time as they no longer have to mail a check to their affiliates. Affiliates will appreciate getting their payments faster and deposited directly into their bank account each month.

Review, Approve, and Pay Affiliate Invoices

  1. Click 'Networks' in the upper right corner

  2. From the 'Affiliate Bills' tab you will see the current month's affiliate invoices. Click the date filter to view an affiliate bill from a different month

  3. Click into an invoice

  4. Once the invoice is finalized click the blue 'Approve Invoice' button

  5. Click 'Process Payment' to pay the invoice. Select the payment source that you wish to use to pay the affiliate.
    ​Note: If you do not see a 'Process Payment' button, the affiliate needs to set up their Stripe account.


  • Affiliates pay the fees associated with payments. It is encouraged to pay using a bank account to save affiliates 2% transaction fees.

  • Affiliate payments are processed by Stripe. Bank accounts take 3 to 5 business days to process. Credit cards are processed immediately but the affiliate will pay higher transaction fees (see above).

  • Networks will not see the green 'Process Payment' button if the affiliate has not enabled Stripe.

  • Affiliates will never see the green 'Process Payment' button, but CAN still mark an invoice as paid if they receive a check.

Set up a Payment Source to Pay Affiliates

Networks pay affiliates using the account found at Admin > Account > Payment Source. This payment source will default to the source you use to pay your monthly Hint invoices. Use the buttons in the upper right to add a bank or card and click 'Edit Payment Source' to select a new payment source.

Activate a Stripe Account for Affiliates

Affiliates need to set up a Stripe account in order to receive payments from an affiliate. This only needs to be done once. If an affiliate already uses Hint, it is most likely they have an active Stripe account.

For those affiliates who do not have an active Stripe account, here is a sample email networks can send to explain the changes and to encourage them to set up Stripe:


Dear [insert affiliate name],

I am going to use HintOS to send your monthly affiliate payments. This allows me to pay you faster - with the click of a button! It also saves you the time of depositing a check. The funds will appear in your bank account automatically each month.

In order for me to do so you will need to configure your Stripe account. Here's how:

  1. Go to Admin > Integrations

  2. Click 'Connect to Stripe' and complete the form to create a Stripe account. You will need your tax ID and bank account/routing number.

Note: you will be assessed the transaction fees associated with this payment. You will notice this difference as a small decrease in your monthly payment.

Thank you for your help in setting up this payment workflow.


Pay Affiliates by Check

  1. Click 'Networks' in the upper right corner

  2. From the 'Affiliate Bills' tab you will see the current month's affiliate invoices. Click the date filter to view an invoice from a different month

  3. Click into an invoice

  4. From the bottom of the invoice, click the blue button 'Mark as Paid'

  5. You can now indicate the amount paid, date, 'paid by' and include a check number in the memo field

  6. Click 'Record Payment of $XXX' to record the payment

A network can mark the invoice as paid upon sending payment or an affiliate can mark an invoice as paid upon receiving payment. The status on the invoice will change to paid in both accounts regardless of who marks the invoice as paid.

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