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athenahealth Integration Overview
athenahealth Integration Overview

Athena Health Integration, EMR integrations

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Once your athenahealth Integration is configured and activated, the following information overviews your daily workflows between Hint and Athena:

Daily Patient Sync Workflows

  • Changes from Hint are pushed in real-time to Athena

  • Changes from Athena are updated in hint on a 5 minute interval, not in real-time

Data Required for Hint to create a new chart in athenahealth

  • Last Name, First Name, & First Name Used

  • DOB

  • Location linked to an athena department

  • One of the following fields:

    • email

    • phone (any type)

    • zip code

Bi-Directionally Synced Demographics Fields:

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • DOB

  • Legal sex

  • Gender identity

  • Pronouns

  • Phone

  • Address

  • Email

  • Usual provider

  • Primary department

Synced Membership Fields (from Hint to Athena):

  • Membership status

  • Membership plan

  • Membership sponsor (employer or DPC network name)

  • Membership Balance

  • Hint ID

Here's a screenshot of where these fields appear on the patient's chart in Athena:


Q: How do I know if a patient record is synced between the two systems?

A: Navigate to the patient's chart in Hint and scroll down to the Integrations section. You'll either see a 'synced' status in green or an error message to help you identify the issue and resolve the conflict.

Q: How do I merge duplicate records?

A: Merge in Athena first - record the winning Athena id. Then navigate to Hint to merge the Hint record. On the merge screen, choose the correct Athena ID when merging.

Q: Is insurance information synced to Athena?

A: Not at this time. Athena maintains their own global list of insurances that is challenging to integrate with at this time. Hint will continue to explore options on this front but please let our support team know if this becomes a challenge for you.

Need help activating the Athena integration? See this help article on configuring and activating the integration or email our support team at

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