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Providing Patients with Access to the Self Service Page
Providing Patients with Access to the Self Service Page

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In an effort to reduce manual tasks performed by our practice admins, Hint's self-serve portal gives your members a single place to view their membership details, pay and manage their invoices, payment sources, agreements, and update contact info. Respecting the feedback from patients and our clients, we created a login-less access link that allows the patient to leverage the security of logging into their email to access their member portal link.

How do patients access the Hint patient portal?

There are two ways a patient can access the Hint patient portal:

Option 1: Send an email to a patient with their portal access link

To email a portal access link to a patient, follow the steps:

From the main patients section in your Hint account

  1. Search for and select the patient you would like to send an access link to

  2. At the top patient contact info section, click the blue link called "Send access link"

    **Note: The patient will need to have a valid email address on file and the ePHI waiver will need to accepted to be able to send this email

This will trigger an email to the patient, with a secure link, to access their self-service portal. For security purposes, this email will expire after 30 days.

Option 2: Post the portal link to your practice website

A patient can trigger a request to receive an access link to their self-service portal through your practice's website. You can find this link to post to your website by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Admin" and select "Online Signup"

  2. Choose the tab called "Self-Service"

  3. Copy the blue link and embed it behind a patient portal button on your website


Once this link is selected by the patient, they will be brought to a new page that will prompt them to input their email to receive a secure link to access the portal.

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