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Patient Self-Serve Portal
Patient Perspective: Navigating the Self-Service Portal
Patient Perspective: Navigating the Self-Service Portal
Here's what your patients see in their self-serve portal
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In an effort to reduce manual tasks performed by our practice admins, Hint's self-serve portal gives your members a single place to view their membership details, pay and manage their invoices, payment sources, agreements, and update contact info. Respecting the feedback from patients and our clients, we created a login-less access link that allows the patient to leverage the security of logging into their email to access their member portal link.

Access Link Email

Once the patient or practice has triggered the self-serve access link email, here is what the patient will receive:


When the patient enters the self-serve portal, they are taken to their invoice overview page. Here they can see a full history of all paid and unpaid invoices and generate an account statement, which is a summary of charges within a time period:

Patients can click into individual invoices to pay, print or download a copy of the invoice:

Paying an Invoice

Patients can choose to pay an invoice in full or apply a partial payment. Additionally, they can select between a payment source on file or they can choose to add a new payment source for one-time use or to store for future payments:

Updating Contact Info

From the "Members" section, membership owners can view everyone on their membership and edit their contact information by selecting the blue link next to their name. The editable fields are:

  • Email

  • Phones

  • Address

Some sections will require members to contact the practice, to prevent any issues with pricing changes based on age (e.g. editing DOB) or name changes that could update downstream clinical systems:

Reviewing Memberships

From the "Memberships" section, patients can view details on their current or previous memberships such as the enrolled members' start/end dates, amount, and next bill date.

Renewing a Membership

If a patients current membership is on a contract period that will be expiring in the next 90 days, the patient will have the option to renew their membership from the "Memberships" page.

Adding a Dependent

Patients have the option to add a member onto their active membership by clicking on + Add New Member under the Memberships tab. The primary member will be prompted to complete the demographic information for the dependent. Once the information is entered they will be shown the updated pricing with the new member included on the plan. The new member's start date will align with the next bill due date on the active membership plan.

Payment Options

Patients can add and remove payment sources from the payment options tab. Please note that patients can only remove a payment source if there is more than one payment source on file.


If your practice has any documents or agreements that require a signature from the patient, they will be able to sign them via the "Agreements" section. If the patients have already signed them at enrollment, they can review copies of the signed agreements in this section.

Complete walk-through of the Self-Serve Portal:

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