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Understand what patient information is synced with Elation, and get answers to frequently asked questions.
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Hint and Elation Health will sync your patient records and keep them up to date with changes made in either system to contact or demographic information. Any chart that is created in Hint will automatically be created in Elation EHR and vice versa. Additionally, patients added by an Employer Sponsor or Network partner will automatically be created in Elation Health. If a chart already exists in the other system, the system will try to match the charts using the patient's first name, last name, date of birth, sex and other demographics information before creating a new chart.

Which patients will sync?

Patients assigned to a provider who is linked to Elation Health will be synced. Patients must have a first name, last name, date of birth, and sex in addition to the provider assignment. There are more details about linking providers here.

Once a patient has been linked to Elation, it will sync bi-directionally. If you do not want a patient to sync to Elation, do not assign them to an Elation linked provider. You can review a patient's sync status in the "Integrations" section at the bottom of the patient's details in Hint.

What data is synced?

Patient Demographic & Contact Fields

Synced Bi-Directionally between systems

  • first, middle, last names

  • sex, dob, email

  • address line1, line2, city, state, zip

  • first 2 phones: number, type

Patient Relationships

Synced Bi-Directionally between systems

  • Provider assignment

Hint Membership Data

Set as Tags in Elation

  • Membership Status

  • Employer Sponsor Name

  • Membership Plan Name

  • Patient's Balance

Here's where the tags display in Elation:

Insurance Information

Only set once, when a new chart is created in Elation by Hint

  • Insurance payer/carrier name

  • member id

  • group id

Once a patient record is created in Elation, insurance information will no longer sync between the systems. We recommend keeping insurance information up to date in Elation Health.

Configuring the Patient Sync

You can set up, view, and update the patient sync in the Hint Integrations page

New Setup Steps

  1. Request the integration by reaching out to Elation Health. Elation will enable the integration.

  2. Link your Hint providers to Elation Health

    1. Note: a linked provider is required for patients to be synced to Elation Health

    2. If you don't want to assign a provider in Elation Health to new patients automatically, please reach out to Elation support. They can provide more information on system provider accounts. which may help you reflect your new patient workflow.

  3. Choose if you create from Elation Health synced back to Hint

    1. New patients created in Hint will always be synced to Elation Health

    2. New patients created in Elation Health can optionally be synced to Hint. This can be useful if you have patients records you do want/need in Hint.

  4. Activate the sync


Q: A patient in Hint says unsynced , why?

A: A provider who is linked to Elation Health must be assigned to this patient before we can sync the patient to Elation Health. You can view all the patients that are not synced do to missing data, or that have an error in syncing by filtering your patient list.

Q: I don't want to assign a provider to new patients, but I do want them to sync to Elation Health, how can I do this?

A: Reach out to Elation Support and explain your new patient workflow. Ask about having a system account set up as a placeholder provider for this scenario.

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