We are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of our patient sync with Elation Health! It now syncs patient demographic and contact information between both systems. This means changes made in Elation Health will now be reflected in HintOS.

We will be rolling this out slowly over the next few months, but if you would like to migrate now reach out and let us know. You can reach out to either the HintOS or the Elation Health teams.

Major Changes & New Workflows

Patients Currently Syncing

Patients syncing with Elation Health today will continue to sync after you migrate to the new version. Newly created patients will require a provider assignment in HintOS in order to sync.

Required Provider Assignment

Patients in HintOS will now only be synced to Elation Health if an Elation linked provider is assigned to the patient. There are more details about linking providers here.

This change affects patients entered from any source, so you will want to verify your new patient workflows to ensure a provider is being assigned.

  • Ensure you have providers created in your HintOS account

  • Ensure patients are being assigned a provider when enrolling

    • Verify this for patient signup pages, you can require a provider or default one on your signup pages.

    • Verify this for employer sponsors

    • Verify this for new patients you create via the API

  • Consider requiring a provider on all new patients. To learn more about how to do this go here.

If you do not want some patients created in Elation Health you can either assign them to a provider who is not linked to Elation Health, or you can not assign a provider at all. This can be useful if you assign prospective patients to a waitlist, or have other needs to keep patients in HintOS without creating a chart in your EHR.

If you do not want to assign providers to new patients automatically, but you still need the patients synced to Elation Health, reach out to Elation support and explain your new patient workflow. Ask about having a system account set up as a placeholder provider for this scenario.


Q: Why do I need to migrate?

A: We built the new patient sync from the ground up, and there are a few differences from how the current version works. We want to ensure these changes only take effect when you are ready for them and have validated the new workflows so that we don't disrupt your current workflows.

Q: I don't want to assign a provider to new patients, but I do want them to sync to Elation Health, how can I do this?

A: Reach out to Elation Support and explain your new patient workflow. Ask about having a system account set up as a placeholder provider for this scenario.

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