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Adding a Charge to a Patient or Employer
Adding a Charge to a Patient or Employer

Charge routing allows you to add charge items to a patient or employer invoice directly from your patient list

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Add a New Charge

Follow the steps below to create a charge for a patient or employer:

  1. Navigate to your patient list

  2. Click the $ Add Charge button in the upper-right corner of the page:

  3. Complete the required fields in the charge modal

  4. If the patient's membership is sponsored by an employer, you can indicate whether the charge should be routed to the patient or to their company in the 'Payer' field of the modal

  5. In the 'Invoice' field, choose to generate a new invoice or add the charge to an existing draft invoice

  6. Save the charge

Invoice Actions on Patient Invoices

Once you have finished entering charges, you will be able to complete your billing workflow by clicking the Invoice Actions button on the right-hand side of the screen:

Issue & Pay

  • This will issue the invoice and you will be given the option to process a full or partial payment

  • This option will not be available if the patient does not have a valid payment source on file

Issue & Record Payment

  • This will issue the invoice and you will be able to record a cash or check payment as well as add a memo

Issue & Schedule Payment

  • This will issue the invoice and allow you to set a date to process payment in full

  • You cannot schedule a partial payment

Issue & Send Email

  • This will issue the invoice and notify the patient, but payment will not be processed without manual action from the practice or patient

You will find the issued invoices on the payer's Invoices tab:

Invoice Actions on Employer Invoices

No invoice actions will appear when the charge is passed along to an employer/sponsor. Depending on the invoice selection you made while creating the charge, you will find the charge on the employer's monthly draft invoice or on a one-off draft invoice under the employer's Invoices tab:

A full article on how our charge items work can be found here.

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