On your patient list you will notice a green button in the upper right hand corner that says '+New Charge'.

*If you do not see this on your account, please contact Hint at support@hint.com to request this feature.

Creating a New Charge

To create a new charge for a patient or employer please follow these steps

  1. Select the +New Charge button.

  2. Choose the charge item you would like to create and fill out any other required information.

  3. If a patient is under an employer plan you will notice a selection for payer at the bottom of the page.

  • If you wish to charge the employer you will want to select Sponsor. This charge will be added to the draft employer invoice.

  • If you wish to charge a patient this will allow you to choose to generate a new invoice or add it to an invoice already in draft.

5. Click Create Charge

Scheduling and Processing a Patient Invoice

If you created a charge with a new patient invoice you can make sure that the invoice is scheduled or processed by following the steps below.

  • Go to the patients profile and select Invoices. You should notice there is now a draft invoice with your created charge.

  • Issue the invoice

  • If you would like to schedule the payment to process at a later time, select Other > Schedule Payment at the bottom of the page

  • Choose the day you would like the invoice to process

  • If you would like to process the payment right away, you can select Process Payment at the bottom of the invoice

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