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Creating One-Time Employer Invoices
Creating One-Time Employer Invoices

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Hint now allows you to create ad hoc employer invoices for services charges that are separate from your monthly membership invoices. To create a new invoice for point-of-care charges:

Generating a Draft Invoice Directly from the Employer Account

  1. Navigate to your Employer or Sponsors section at the top of your page.

  2. Select to the Employer you would like to create an invoice for

  3. Click on the Invoices tab

  4. In the upper right-hand corner, select +New Invoice.

Editing Dates and Adding Charges to a Draft Invoice

When generating a draft invoice the date will automatically default to the day it was created, but both the invoice date and due date can be edited while the invoice is in draft.

Charges can be added to the invoice by following the instructions outlined below

  1. Click '+ Add Charge'

  2. You can select one of your preconfigured charge items or type in anything you want

  3. The service date of the charge will default to today's date, but you can adjust that to whatever date you'd like

  4. You can also assign the charge to a specific patient, provider, or location or you can leave those all blank

  5. If you are adding a credit make sure to put a negative sign before the amount ex: -50

  6. When everything looks good, select 'Add Charge'

Once the charge has been added and you are ready to issue the invoice, you can select Issue Invoice at the bottom of the page.

  • Draft ad hoc invoices can only be issued from the Provider portal, and they will only show up in the Employer portal when they are issued.

Invoices from the Employer View

  • Manually created employer invoices will not be automatically issued or emailed to the employer. You can email the employer by selecting the email button in the upper right hand corner.

  • Once issued, the employer can view the created invoice under the invoices section of their portal.

Charge Routing & Invoice Settings

You can also add patient charges or create employer invoices directly from your main patient page by using the global charge modal.

We will determine if we should default the charge to route to an ad-hoc invoice or a recurring membership invoice based on your employer invoice settings.

You can find these settings under Admin>Employers/Sponsors>Invoice Settings

  • When the setting for 'Add Service Charges to Membership Invoices' is enabled, we will always route the charge to the draft recurring membership invoice. When this setting is disabled, we will create a new draft invoice under the employers invoice section.

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