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Assign Draft Notes to Other Staff Members

Here you can learn how to assign drafts across your practice to other users.

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When creating a note, you have the option to assign a draft to other staff members. Here's how:

1. Once you have started a draft interaction, click on the 3 dots menu to see more actions

2. A new option will appear, 'Assign', with an accompanying dropdown menu. This dropdown will show all other staff members that you can select to assign this draft to

3. Select a user, then click 'Assign'. The draft notification will appear on that user’s Dashboard in 'My Drafts'. Click 'Save Draft' and close this window out

4. To see all drafts that other users are working on or have assigned to them, click 'Practice Drafts' in the 'My Drafts' section on your Communication page

5. You will then see the details of all the unfinished drafts in the practice, regardless of who started the draft or which user it is assigned to

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