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Set Up and Manage Voicemail in Hint Clinical

Set Up and Manage Your Practice's Voicemail

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This support article will show you how to set up a custom voicemail greeting as well as listen to voicemails from patients in Hint Clinical.

Note: If you do not record a custom voicemail greeting, your practice's greeting will default to "Please leave your message for [Practice Phone Number]."

Setting Up Your Practice's Voicemail Greeting:

1. In Hint Clinical navigate to Settings > Practice Info

2. Under the SMS and Call Forwarding section, click 'Record Greeting':

3. Click 'Start Recording Greeting' to begin the recording:

4. Click 'Stop' to finish recording:

5. Click 'Done' to upload the voicemail greeting:

6. Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen to save the voicemail greeting:

7. Click the three dots next to your recorded voicemail greeting to remove the greeting or record a new one:

Note: If you have set up Phone Number Forwarding in Hint Clinical, denying a patient's phone call that was forwarded to your personal cell phone will send the patient to your personal voicemail instead of your Clinical practice voicemail. If you would like to deny a call and send the patient to the practice’s recorded voicemail, you can either:

  1. Let the incoming call ring until it times out

  2. Silence the incoming call and let it ring until it times out

Managing Voicemails from Patients

To listen to voicemails:

  1. Navigate to Communication > Phone Calls

  2. If the caller left a voicemail, you will be able to play it here

  3. Click on the three dots on the right side of your screen to see a list of actions that can be taken for any phone call:

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