Manage and Dispense Prescription Medication in Hint All-In-One
Prescription Medication Inventory for In-House Dispensaries
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Hint All-In-One allows you to manage prescription medication inventory for in-house dispense. Follow these steps to review current inventory, add to, or edit your prescription medication inventory:

  1. In Hint Clinical navigate to 'Mediations' in the main menu on the left of your screen

  2. 'Inventory Settings' allow you to configure a 'Markup Percentage' (default is 10%) and 'Restock Percentage' (default is 20%)

  3. To add an item click '+Add Inventory' and complete the necessary fields

  4. From your inventory list, click the three dots next to an item to edit, archive, or prescribe an item.

Write a prescription from a patient chart:

  1. Navigate to the patient chart in Hint Clinical

  2. Click '+Interaction' in the upper right

  3. Select 'Rx'

  4. A prescription will open where you can select the item from inventory and add instructions. Price will automatically calculate based on quantity entered

  5. Click 'Write Prescription' to sign

  6. When a prescription is written for an in-house medication, an invoice in Hint Business is created automatically. Click 'View Invoice' from the prescription to process payment.

To manage non-prescription inventory including labs and other charge items, visit our help article on Pre-Configured Charge Items.

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