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Manage and Dispense Prescription Medication in Hint Clinical
Manage and Dispense Prescription Medication in Hint Clinical

Manage NDC Prescription Medication Inventory for In-House

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Hint Clinical allows you to manage prescription medication inventory for in-house dispense. Follow these steps to review current inventory, add to, or edit your prescription medication inventory:

  1. In Hint Clinical navigate to 'Medications' in the main menu on the left of your screen

  2. Once in Medications, click on 'Medication Settings', which brings you to 'Inventory Settings'.

  3. 'Inventory Settings' allow you to configure a 'Markup Percentage' (default is 10%) and 'Restock Percentage' (default is 20%)

  4. To add an item click '+Add Inventory' and complete the necessary fields

  5. From your inventory list, click the three dots next to an item to edit, archive, or prescribe an item.

Write a prescription from a patient chart:

  1. Navigate to the patient chart in Hint Clinical

  2. Click '+Interaction' in the upper right

  3. Select 'Rx'

  4. A prescription will open where you can select the item from inventory and add instructions. Price will automatically calculate based on quantity entered

  5. Click 'Write Prescription' to sign

  6. When a prescription is written for an in-house medication, an invoice in Hint Core is created automatically. Click 'View Invoice' from the prescription to process payment.

To manage non-prescription inventory including labs and other charge items, visit our help article on Pre-Configured Charge Items.

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