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ePHI Waivers & How to Manually Accept ePHI Waiver
ePHI Waivers & How to Manually Accept ePHI Waiver

What is an ePHI waiver and How to Manually Accept ePHI Waiver

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What is an ePHI Waiver?

This waiver allows for patients to receive unencrypted electronic communications which may contain Protected Health Information, such as emails about invoices and receipts.
If the waiver is not signed, Hint will not send emails or other electronic notifications which may contain Protected Health Information to these patients.

If a patient has not accepted ePHI, Hint will still send emails pertaining to the collection of past due payment (e.g. charge failed and charge failed follow up) and manually sent emails including sending a patient an invoice directly from their chart, sending a request for signature or a request to update payment.

How to Manually Accept ePHI Waiver

  1. Log into Hint Core

  2. Click on Patients

  3. Select + Add Patient

  4. Input all required fields and click Create

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the patient profile

  6. Under Agreements, you will see ePHI Waiver

  7. To manually accept the ePHI Waiver, select Accept ePHI waiver

How To Bulk Accept ePHI Waivers

To accept ePHI waivers for several patients:

  1. Log into Hint Core

  2. Click on Admin

  3. Click on ePHI Communication Waivers

  4. At the top of the page, click on 'Accept for All Patients'

ePHI waiver verbiage:

'I authorize [Practice Name] to send email or text which may include unencrypted protected health information.

Providing us with authorization to email and text you will allow [Practice Name] to exchange information with you more efficiently and will benefit you as a member. At the same time, we recognize that email and text messaging are not a completely secure means of communication.

You are not required to authorize the use of email and text messages and a decision to not authorize electronic communication will not affect your health care in any way.

We have taken considerable effort to protect the personal health information of our members, and recommend that all members provide us with this authorization so that we can more efficiently communicate with them.'


Why is the patient receiving a blank document?

  • As of right now, our system does not currently support the ability to send patients the ePHI waiver directly through Hint (this is why they are receiving a blank document). We are always trying to update our platform to better fit our users' needs. You can view/add your vote to our feature request page HERE, and you will receive progress/status updates via email in regard to this specific feature request.

How do I send the ePHI waiver?

  • You will want to send them an email (outside of Hint) with the verbiage of our ePHI waiver and have the patient agree to it. Once they agree, you can manually accept the ePHI waiver on their behalf in Hint. To do so, navigate to the patient profile > scroll down to their 'Agreements section > click "Accept ePHI waiver".

  • Additionally, you could put the ePHI waiver in your patient agreement, so whenever the patient signs the patient agreement, you can then accept/ agree to their ePHI waiver on their behalf, because they already agreed to it when they signed your patient agreement.

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