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Calendar FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I delete my default calendar?

  • Do not delete your default calendar. If the default calendar is deleted, your calendar will need to be reset.

I forgot my Google Workspace password and had to reset it. Does this impact my calendar?

  • Yes - If the practice updates the password on their Google Workspace account, this disconnects the practice email address. We will need to reset your calendar.

What is the difference between an Appointment and an Event?

  • An appointment allows you to add the patient to it, whereas an event does not.

Are there notifications that can be sent to the patients before their appointments?

  • Yes - you can schedule reminders from within the appointment.

Can I rename my calendars?

  • Yes - you can rename your calendars but recommend that they have the same names in Google Workspace to avoid confusion.

Can I access my Hint Calendar from my mobile device?

  • Yes - you can access it from your mobile device. We also recommend you use the Google Calendar application instead of the Apple Calendar application.

I can't see an appointment that I scheduled on my calendar. Why is this?

  • If you scheduled the appointment, ensure that within the appointment, you select the calendar you want this appointment to show up on.

I want to use a third-party scheduler. Am I able to do this?

  • Please do not use any third-party schedulers. This can cause issues with your calendar.

Can I share other Google calendars with my practice Google Calendar?

  • Your practice calendar in Clinical displays all events/appointments that are also displayed on your Google calendar when looking at your practice Google calendar. These calendars are synced. Since your Clinical calendar displays the events and appointments that are displayed on your practice email Google calendar, your personal calendar is not connected to All-In-One. You can share your personal calendar with your practice calendar, which will allow your events/appointments on your personal calendar to be viewed in All-In-One. While you can view your personal email calendar events, you won't be able to have the same editing for events on this personal email calendar in Clinical, though.

    • To set this up, go to your personal email calendar on, and under my calendars, select options (3 vertical dots) and select setting and sharing.

      • Then under Share with specific people or groups, enter your practice email and select either make changes/manage sharing (preferred if this option is available) or see all event details (if this option is available).

      • Then go to your personal email and open the Google calendar email and select "add this calendar". Your personal calendar is now shared in your practice email calendar!

There are two Google Meet links generating when I try to create an appointment. What do I do?

  • It takes about 10-15 seconds for the link to generate, so ensure that you are clicking it once, and then saving, rather than clicking multiple times.

There is another calendar that appears in my calendar list when I am setting up a self-scheduler link, but only one of them in my Hint calendar. How can I delete this?

  • If that extra calendar isn’t on your Hint calendar, then it’s on your workspace. It will need to be deleted from your workspace. Please note: If the calendars are named the same thing, ensure that you delete the correct one!

If a patient requests an appointment via an online scheduling link, does that link need to be tied to a clinician's calendar? Or can a patient book an appointment at a time that's available and then a provider gets assigned based on availability?

  • You can set up a general scheduler, or a scheduler that is provider-specific. Typically the difference between these two types of schedulers is that one is aligned to a particular provider's calendar, and the other is linked to a general calendar (i.e. Default calendar).

I moved my calendar event to a different date, instead of deleting it and re-scheduling it. After doing this, I see that duplicate reminders were created. Is this a bug?

  • This is likely not a bug! If you move your calendar appointment manually, without deleting it and recreating it, duplicate reminders may appear in the calendar.

  • We recommend that you cancel the appointment, and re-create it on the new date to avoid duplicate reminders.

When I create an appointment for my patient, does it send them a confirmation?

  • No confirmation is sent. The notifications that are sent for a patient appointment will be auto reminders.

  • If your patient schedules using the self-scheduler option, you can select the option for a confirmation to be sent.

What is the best way to cancel a patient appointment?

  • We recommend that you navigate to your Google Calendar (outside of Hint) and cancel the event/appointment utilizing the Cancel link (see below):

  • You can also cancel from the email confirmation that is sent when the appointment is initially scheduled

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