Please note that the following may be slightly different than what your signup pages looks like, depending on how you have customized the process here.

Patients will first be asked to enter information about themselves. Once they have entered at least their first, last, email and phone number they can select 'Continue'.

Next they will be asked to enter more demographic information about themselves. If your practice has enabled multiple plans on the same enrollment page, the patient will select their plan from the 'PLAN' drop-down menu. They can also add additional members to their membership by clicking '+ Add Adult' or '+ Add Child'.

They will then be asked for a payment source. If you are accepting ACH, we try and encourage patients to enter a bank account instead of a card in order to save your practice processing fees.

If adding a payment source is optional, patients will have the opportunity to skip this section.

Patients can verify their bank using instant verification (if they have one of the 17 banks listed in the drop down) or they can select 'Other Bank' and enter their account and routing number. We will then verify the account using two small test deposit .

If a patient would like to pay by credit card, they can select 'Pay with a credit card or debit card'.

Based on the demographics and other patients added in the 'More Information about you section' we will show patients how much their recurring bills will be. This section will only appear if the patient has entered their birthday. If you allow different billing periods, patients can select their schedule. If you have shared out any coupons, this is also where patients can enter their coupon code.

The last section will ask patients to read and agree to your membership contracts (if you have added one) as well as our HIPAA authorization, which gives us permission to email the patient about their membership. This language is “I authorize {practice name} to send email or text which may include unencrypted protected health information.” (Don't forget to change the practice name to your own!) When patients select the check box to agree to your member contract, they will briefly taken to the language of your contract to review and then can navigate back to the online signup form. Once patients are ready they can press 'Sign Up'.

If autoconfirm is turned on, patients will be billed and charged immediatly. If autoconfirm is turned off patients will be come into Hint with a status of unconfirmed. If autoconfirm is turned on but you have a future launch date set here, patients will be confirmed but will not be billed nor start until your launch date.

After patients press submit, if you are not using the 'Auto Redirect to External Site', they will be taken to our thank you page. This page can be customized here in the the 'Confirmation Page' section, but below is a general idea of what that page will look like.

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