Hint's integration with ElationEMR will automatically create and synchronize patient demographic, membership, and insurance information created in Hint, with Elation.

Configuring the Integration

You can view the status of the integration by going to Admin > Integrations > ElationEMR. If your integration has a status of inactive, please email us at support@hint.com and we can assist in setting this up for you.

Once your integration has been made active, you will need to configure your providers.

  1. Go to Admin --> Practice --> Providers 

  2. Click 'edit' next to each provider's profile

  3. In the box that pops up, select the 'Elation Sync' drop down menu and choose which provider in Elation this Hint provider should sync to

  4. Click 'Update' 

What information is synced with Elation?

The following fields will be synced with Elation:

  • Name (first, middle, and last)

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Contact info (address, phone, and email)

  • Practitioner

  • Insurance

In addition, information about the membership status, employer, and any outstanding charges will be synced via tags as shown in the screenshot below:

What are the tags that get passed through to Elation?

Membership Status Tag

This tag reflects the status of the patient's membership.

Examples: "Active Membership", "Inactive Membership", "Pending Membership", "Archived in HintOS" etc.

You can learn more about membership statuses here.

Employer Tags

Examples: "Employer: Hooli", "Employer: Maxwell, Inc.", "Employer: SNP, LLC."This tag includes the name of the patient's employer (for sponsored memberships only).

Outstanding Balance Tag

This tag reflects the patient's outstanding balance.

Examples: "Outstanding Balance: 125.35", "Outstanding Balance: 77.21", "Outstanding Balance: 13.00"

Why would a patient fail to sync?

For more information on why a patient failed to sync, go to the 'Integrations' section on their patient tab. This section will list where conflicts have been found between Hint and Elation. To view more specifics, click 'Show Conflicts'.

Common causes of a patient failing to sync are:

  •  Name and Date of Birth are required

  • Conflicts found in the patient's phones, email, and practitioner

  • State written out vs. Abbreviations (California vs. CA)

  • Invalid value for primary_physician - Does not appear to be a valid physician user in this practice 

  • Insurance provider was not selected from the dropdown menu options

How to resolve a merge conflict?

  • If you determine that Hint is correct, click 'Sync to Elation Anyway'.  This will push the data from Hint to Elation, replacing what is in Elation

  • If you determine Elation is correct, in Hint click 'Edit Patient'  at the top of the patient's patient tab, and edit the relevant fields so they match Elation.

How do I view patients that have failed to sync to Elation?

You can view patients that have failed to sync to Elation by selecting "Failed Sync" from the patient filters dropdown.

Why are there two charts for the same patient in Elation?

Patient records will only match if the patient has the same first name, last name, date of birth, and zip code in both Elation and Hint. Thus, if one of these fields does not match, a patient's existing Elation record will not be detected, and a new record will be created in Elation.

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