Hint’s invoicing system lets you group any number of membership or incidental charges into one bill that you can easily send to your patients for payment. Through our reports, we will also give you visibility into the history and status of these invoices plus give you insights into your individual charges.

To create a one-off invoice, you first create a draft invoice, add charges to the invoice, and then you issue the invoice. Once an invoice is issued you can then send, print or pay the invoice. This article will explain all of these steps in detail.

Creating a draft invoice

When you want to add a charge to a patient or create an invoice, the first step is to create a draft invoice. To create a draft invoice:

  1. Navigate to the patient who is paying for the invoice

  2. Click on the 'Invoices' tab

  3. Click '+New Invoice'

The Payer will be the patient for whom you are creating this invoice . If the patient is a dependent on a membership, the Payer will default to the owner of the membership. You can edit the payer as well as the invoice date by clicking the first 'Edit' button in the right hand corner.

If you want to leave the page or go do something else while you are creating an invoice, simply click the save button and note the invoice number and you can always navigate back to continue where you left off.

Adding charges to an invoice

Once a draft invoice is created, you can start adding charges to the invoice. You can either add from your pre-defined charge item and charge category list, or you can create a free form charge item.

When adding a charge, if you have pre-defined charge items it will start auto completing standard options, and if you select the standard option by clicking on it, it will automatically pre-fill category, description, and amount. If you want to add a custom charge that is not on your pre-defined charge items list, simply keep typing and the pre-defined list will disappear.

Once a charge is added you can edit the:

  • Patient

  • Provider

  • Charge Name

  • Charge Category

  • Charge Description

  • Quantity

  • Amount

And all of these fields will be reflected in the relevant sections in your invoice, revenue, and payment reports.

If at any point in time you want to navigate away from an invoice, you can click the save button and your work will not be lost.

Issuing an invoice

When you are ready to issue an invoice, simply click the 'Issue Invoice' button. This will not automatically process any charges on the invoice, but will change the invoice status from Draft to Issued. An issued invoice will show up on your revenue report as uncollected revenue.

Once an invoice is issued, you can:

And once an invoice is paid, you can refund a charge on an invoice, or refund the entire invoice.

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