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Creating and Issuing Invoices
Creating and Issuing Invoices
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To create a one-time invoice, you first create a draft invoice, add charges to the invoice, and then you issue the invoice. Once an invoice is issued you can then send, print or pay the invoice. Here's how to create and issue an invoice:

  1. Navigate to the patient who is paying for the invoice

  2. Click on the 'Invoices' tab

  3. Click '+New Invoice'

  4. Click '+Add Charge'

  5. In the 'Add Charge' modal select the patient name, charge item, and quantity

  6. Click 'See additional charge details' to assign a category, provider, location, or to add a description.

  7. Click 'Save & Add Another' to add additional charges or 'Save' to stop adding charges

  8. Once the invoice is ready, click 'Issue'

Once an invoice is issued, you can:

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