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Employer Account Setup
Employer Account Setup

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To set up your Employer account, you will need to have at least one employer plan created. To learn more about creating employer plans click here.

To create a new employer:

  1. Select 'Employers' from the menu at the top right of your screen

  2. Select '+ New Employer' in the upper right-hand corner

  3. Name your employer, select a default plan and set an employer billing start date

  4. Then select 'Create New Employer'


You will then be taken to the employer's 'Account and Pricing' tab where you can configure the following:

Employer Information

You can edit the company name, add an address and a telephone number

Employee Pricing

The default plan will be whichever plan you selected when creating the employer. You can change the plan at anytime by clicking 'Change Default Plan' and selecting a new one. Please keep in mind this will change the pricing for all enrolled effective their next bill.

If you would like to allow employees/employers to be able to select from multiple plans, switch the 'Multiple Plans' toggle to 'On' and select which plans you would like to be available. More about multiple plans for employers can be read here.

Company Administrators

To invite a company admin in, type their email address in the email field and the select 'Create and Invite'

To add additional Company Admins click the button '+ New Administrator'.

Company admins will be invited in to the employer portal and can help manage employee enrollments and view/pay invoices.

Employee Signup

There are a number of ways employees can be enrolled:

  1. Employers have an eligibility file they share with you. You can upload it by following these directions or manually add employees and dependents following these directions. The employer can then share the 'Employee Signup Link' with employees and they can choose to enroll or not. When the employee enrolls from online signup and we find a match on first name, last name and date of birth, we will automatically enroll that employee. If we do not find a match, we will email the company admin to approve the enrollment.

  2. Employers have an list of employees and dependents they know will be enrolled. You can upload that list following these directions or manually add them following these directions. There is no action needed from the employees

  3. The employer can share the 'Employee Signup Link' directly with their employees. In this situation all employees would come in with a 'Needs Approval' status and you or the employer would have to review and approve before anyone would be enrolled

As a note, Company Admins will also be able to manually add employees/dependents from the 'Employees' tab as well as upload a file from the 'Employee Uploads' tab.

Dependent Information

Often employers limit the number of dependents they are covering. If an employee self enrolls, it will automatically limit the number of dependents they can add based on the limit set in this section. If you (the practice) or a Company Admin manually adds a dependent the limit here will not be applied.

Enrollment Cutoff Day

The enrollment cutoff day is used to determine the date that an employee should be enrolled on.

Hint only enrolls employees as patients on the first of the month. However, if an employee is added mid-month, some employers will want to pay for this month's membership so the individual can receive care immediately, while others want to wait until the start of the following month.

The enrollment cutoff day is used to support these varying employer preferences. By default, it is set to the 1st of the month. If an employee is added before the cutoff date their membership will start on the 1st of the current month. If added after the cutoff date, their membership will start on the 1st of the following month. In both cases their employer will be billed accordingly.

Collect Provider

If employees are self enrolling, you can either not ask for provider, make it optional, require it or default to whatever the setting is for the practice as a whole.

Default Provider

If you would like all employees under an employer to be automatically assigned to a specific provider, you can define who that should be in this section.

Employee Divisions

Learn more about employer divisions here.

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