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MDScripts Integration
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MDScripts' integration with Hint will allow you to e-prescribe in your EMR and push invoices from MDScripts over to Hint so you can process payment.

You can access this integration by going to Admin --> Integrations --> MDScripts

What information is synced with MDScripts?

MDScripts will push medications and other charges from MDScripts to invoice the patient or employer. The integration looks for a match on First name, Last name, DOB and gender. If the integration cannot find a match it will create a new patient in Hint.

MDscripts will also look for a match on provider based on name and clinic location based on address. If they cannot find a match the invoice will not push over but an error message will appear letting you know why.

How does the integration work?

No demographic information is updated by Hint or MDScripts in this integration. All demographics are updated by your EMR if it is connected to MDScripts. However when MDScripts is pushing over an invoice and cannot find a patient match on First, Last, DOB and Gender, a new patient will be created.

Creating an Invoice in MDScripts

  • A provider can select the patient they want to dispense to, select which items they are dispensing and move those items to a cart. When ready they can check out and there will be an option to 'Create Invoice' . Once selected, a success message will appear at the top of your page and an invoice will be created in Hint.

    • Medication charges from MDScripts will be assigned to the 'Medications' category in Hint.

    • The price you enter in MDScripts will be reflected in Hint. However, if you have a discount set up under your coverage rules, you could see this discount applied to the base price.

    • All inventory of your medications should be managed in MDScripts.

      Note: Invoices are not automatically issued upon creation. Once created in Hint, invoices will need to be issued manually.

Routing an Invoice to a Patient vs. Employer

  • Invoices can be automatically routed to the patient or the employer. If you would like to set up routing, you can do this by creating a coverage plan rule. For more information on setting up coverage plan rules, click here.

Sales Tax

  • Hint can now calculate sales tax on medications. This can be done automatically by matching charge item NDC codes in both systems and marking them as taxable.

For more information on how to add an NDC codes to a charge item or mark items as taxable, click here.

To learn how to configure your tax profiles, click here.

To learn how to manually create a patient invoice for charge items, click here.

How to turn on the integration

Go to Admin --> Integrations --> MDScripts and click where it says 'Integrate with MDScripts'. This will redirect you to the MDScripts login page. Once you have logged in the integration will be live.


How do I resolve 'Error: Error Finding Location in Hint'?

This occurs when there is a mismatch in patient address, typically when address line 2 doesn't match between Hint and MDScripts. To resolve, update the patient's address in either system and retry.

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