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Invoice Revisions
Invoice Revisions
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An invoice can be revised to change the total cost or quantity of charge items, as long as the total amount of the invoice does not cause an over payment.

If you adjust an invoice down to $0, it will not cancel the invoice. It will show $0 due and paid. To cancel an invoice please follow these directions.

To revise an invoice:

  1. Navigate to the patient's profile

  2. Click on 'Invoices'

  3. Click on the invoice you'd like to adjust. You cannot adjust the amount due of a paid invoice

  4. Click 'Revise' on the bottom of the invoice

  5. Adjust the price or quantity up or down for each charge item you would like to change

  6. If you would like, enter a note to explain why you revised the invoice

  7. Click 'Revise'

The revision history will display at the bottom of the invoice, and the invoice will now display the new amount of each of the charge items. Invoice revisions will not be included on the PDF of the invoice.

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