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Read-only Access

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If you need to give a user limited, read-only access to certain patient in your practice, you can assign them to a “Restricted By Groups” permission role. This will give the user "read-only access" to the practice's Hint account and allow them to view a subset of patients assigned to a specific provider or group of providers.

What will the user have access to?

The user will not be able to change any patient or membership information. Their homepage will look slightly different from others’ as they will only have access to the list of patients enrolled under the providers you assign them to and nothing else (as can be seen in the picture below)

By clicking into a patient file, they’ll have access to the patient’s name, demographic information, and membership details without the ability to change anything. 

A user with this role only get notifications when new patients have joined the practice and when new members have started memberships. This will also only be for the locations they have access to. 

How do I do this?

We have an article for adding a new user here, follow those steps and choose “Restricted by Groups’ as shown in the picture below. Toggle on which provider groups you’d like the user to have access to. 

If you do not have provider groups configured, you can do so by navigate to 'Admin' and click on 'patients & providers' and 'provider groups.'

You can also restrict this role by location or scope access to your Hint account. For more information check out this article!

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