1. Does the patient have to be enrolled in my DPC membership to be eligible for Sedera ACCESS?

Yes, patient enrolling in Sedera ACCESS through Hint are required to be enrolled in a DPC plan.

2. Can I bill my patient annually for their DPC membership but have them pay their Sedera ACCESS membership monthly?

Not currently. Patients are required to bill both their DPC and Sedera ACCESS membership as a monthly lump sum payment. This may change in the future but we currently only display a monthly billing option for patients enrolled in Sedera ACCESS.

3. Who is responsible for paying the merchant processing fees on the Sedera ACCESS membership payment?

The merchant processing fees will be rolled into the cost of the Sedera ACCESS membership so that the fees are passed through to the patient. The practice will still be responsible for the merchant fees associated with the DPC membership cost.

4. What makes a patient ineligible for Sedera ACCESS?

-If the patient is 65 years of age or older.
-No date of birth is listed on their Hint chart.

5. Can I bill in arrears?

Not currently. Sedera requires that the patient pre-pays for the Sedera membership and thus, we cannot allow patients on memberships billing in arrears to enroll in Sedera ACCESS.

6. Can I enroll an employer group in Sedera ACCESS?

Sedera ACCESS is a retail only offering. This requires a direct pay relationship between the patient and the DPC practice. Sedera Select is Sedera's employer offering that we hope to support on Hint at a later date. 

7. Can I enroll my adult dependents?

Yes, however, the member type in Hint must be 'child' for any additional adults (over age 18) beyond the first two adults.

8. Can I accept a cash/check payment for Sedera ACCESS coverage?

Hint will restrict cash/check payments from being accepted on Sedera invoices. This means all Sedera patients must have their membership invoices paid by credit/debit or ACH. All patients on Sedera ACCESS must have auto-pay enabled.

9. If more than one patient enrolls in Sedera ACCESS, how does Sedera's pricing work?

Pricing is based on max age so it's dictated by the oldest person on the membership.

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