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Working with Cost-Sharing Entities: FAQs
Working with Cost-Sharing Entities: FAQs

Sedera Health, Zion Health questions

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1. I want to recommend Zion Health and/or Sedera Health to my patients - how do I get started? 

  1. Click on 'Admin' in the upper right menu

  2. Select 'Integrations'

  3. Select the tab for 'Other Integrations'

  4. Select Zion and/or Sedera

  5. Click the blue 'Integrate w/ [cost-sharing entity name]' button

  6. For Zion, you can follow the steps outlined in Cost-Sharing Patient Enrollment Flow to enable Zion on your online enrollment forms

  7. For Sedera, complete the form you are redirected to in order to complete your registration as a participating DPC practice

2. Why can't I send a Cost-Sharing enrollment form to a patient?

Patients are eligible to enroll in Zion Health or Sedera Health if:

  • They are not already enrolled in the Cost-Sharing Entity

  • They are on an active membership

  • They are the owner of the membership

  • Their age is within the Cost-Sharings age restrictions 

The Wrap-Arounds section provides you with a message explaining why the particular patient is ineligible. 

3. What happens when a patient enrolls in a Cost-Sharing Entity?
The patient's Cost-Sharing membership does not impact their membership with your practice whatsoever; the memberships are completely separate and thus managed and billed separately.

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