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Scoped Access on User Roles
Scoped Access on User Roles
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For Staff, Staff Limited, and Read Only roles, we've added the ability to scope access by location. If a user should only see patients and information from certain locations or groups, you can now turn this restriction on for them. 

How to Set up a Location Group

You'll want to create the locations and groups before linking users to them. You can see how to do this by checking this article

How to Restrict a User's Role to Scoped Access

Once you've set your locations and groups, you can assign users to them! When going to add them as a user (or editing an already existing user), go to Admin>Account and Users. You can see the breakdown of each role here

Roles that can be scoped will have a toggle that can be enabled at the bottom of the pop up that appears when selecting the role as is shown below:

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