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How to Create & Send a Referral

Easily send a referral or image order by generating a note and face sheet through Clinical

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To create and send a referral, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the patient profile.

  2. Click + Interaction.

  3. Select Note.

  4. Generate a template for a referral by typing "/referral". This template will pull in information from the patient's profile required for the referral.

  5. Once the information is input, sign the note.

  6. Click the three dots on the patient profile and select Export Patient or Facesheet (Export Patient will download all of the patient notes saved in the chart, whereas Facesheet will allow for you to select your last signed note)

  7. Download the Note.

  8. Navigate to Communications and select New Fax.

  9. Click "Select Files" to upload your note.

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