If you are participating in a DPC network on Hint, you can expect to see the following changes unique to patient records being sent from the network:

  1. Sync Icon on the top of the chart
  2. Read-only access to the patient's demographics and memberships
  3. Employer assignment on the patient chart with the network's name
  4. A new 'Affiliation' tab on the patient's chart

The affiliation tab provides details about the patients sponsored status including if they are covered by an employer or retail membership. If the patient is on a retail membership, we'll also display the payment status so you know if the patient has an unpaid balance with the DPC network:

In addition to these changes to the appearance of the patient's chart, you will also see the following:

  1. Your 'Employers' section will be renamed 'Sponsors'
  2. A new Sponsors group called the network's name will appear alongside your employers

Invoices for what is owed to you by the DPC network will appear under this network sponsor:

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