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Contracting with Small Businesses
Contracting with Small Businesses
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When contracting with employers, there are a few operational factors to consider before onboarding new employer-sponsored patients to your practice. Many of these enrollment and invoicing considerations should be outlined in your employer contract. To view a sample employer contract, click here.

Crafting Your Employer DPC Offering

WHAT: Be sure to highlight the benefits of the offering in addition to the cost. See a list of covered services here.

Median membership rates for Direct Care organizations contracting with small employers (less than 50 employees):

Employee: $60

Spouse: $55

Child: $21.67

Family Max: $138

*Data as of June 2020


WHO: Be sure to get clarity on who will be eligible to receive the DPC benefit:

  • Employees only

  • Employees + dependents

  • Only FT employees

HOW: An important item to get clarification on with the employer is how employees and their dependents will be opted in to the DPC benefit. There are two common paths:

  1. Auto-enrollment: In this enrollment model, the employer or TPA will handle enrollment into the DPC benefit and provides your practice with a census/roster of all employees/dependents which can be uploaded to the employer account in Hint.

  2. Employee Invite: All employees/dependents will need to take an additional step to opt-in to the DPC benefit. You may receive a roster of all eligible employee lives and Hint can trigger an invitation email to the employee to opt-in to the DPC benefit. Alternatively, you can use Hint's employer enrollment form to allow employees to enroll directly in the DPC benefit.


WHEN: Establish clear invoice and payment terms

  1. What day will the employer receive their invoice?

  2. When is payment due?

  3. How will the employer pay you? (ACH, CC, Check)

Hint's employer invoice settings allow you to create a flexible and customizable schedule with each employer you work with. Our default settings are listed below and can be adjusted on each individual employer account.

Feel free to reach out to Hint support for help setting up a new employer group at

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