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Northwind Pharmaceuticals
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Northwind is Hint's preferred partner for in-house dispense fulfillment. In addition to providing you medications, Northwind provides free access to an MDscripts dispense and inventory management platform that is integrated with Hint. When a medication is dispensed, you can choose to automatically push an invoice to Hint so that you do not need to manually create the invoice.

Note: Hint will not automatically apply sales tax to taxable items in invoices pushed from Northwind. For proper sales tax reporting, you will need to create the charge items in Hint and mark them as taxable, then manually create and issue a new invoice in Hint for the items.

To learn how to configure your tax profiles, click here.

To learn how to create charge items in Hint, click here.

To learn how to manually create a patient invoice for charge items, click here.

Benefits of using Northwind:

  • Custom formulary to meet DPC needs

  • Access to free and low-cost diabetes supplies and medication

  • Custom ordering based on the needs of your patients

  • Get your patients the best deal on their meds

Exclusive Hint client perks:

  • 5% discount off all orders

  • Free shipping on orders over $75

  • Free MDScripts account that integrates with HintOS for inventory management

  • Deliver more value to employers

Northwind’s employer benefits mean that you have more to offer large employers that are considering DPC.

  • Rx@Work allows for worksite dispensing

  • Rx@Home (home delivery) means less time refilling prescriptions in your clinic

  • Optional full pharmacy solution for brand and specialty medications

  • Advanced analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities

To get started with Northwind, complete the 'sign up now' section found here or email

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