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Combining Memberships

How to merge two separate memberships into one

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  1. End one of the patients' memberships, selecting today as the end date. You can learn how to end a patient's membership here.

  2. Add that patient as a dependent onto the other patient's membership. To do this:

    1. Search for and select the patient that holds the active membership to open their patient profile.

    2. Click on this patient's 'Memberships' tab and click into their active membership in order to edit it.

    3. Under the 'Members' section, click '+Add Adult' or '+Add Child'. A search bar will appear: search for and select the dependent's name.

  3. The dependent will be added to the membership and their start date will default to the membership's next bill date. To change their start date to today's date:

    1. Find the dependent's name under 'Members'

    2. Click 'Change Date' next to their membership start date

    3. Select today's date

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Update' to save your changes

The system will begin billing for the dependent as of the membership's next bill date. If the patients' separate memberships had different billing dates originally, you may need to align these dates, which could mean creating a one-off prorated membership invoice or prorating their next membership invoice.

Note: If you choose to prorate the next membership invoice, you can issue this invoice in advance by clicking 'Invoice Now' in the 'Bills Overview' section of the membership:

Then proceed to making your changes to the issued invoice.

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