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Membership Pricing Changes (Best Practices)
Membership Pricing Changes (Best Practices)
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Hint has many features that can help make price changes a simple and more automated process. Below you will find an outline of best practices and suggested steps to take when changing your membership pricing.

New Pricing for New Members

If you wish to keep your current members grandfathered into your current pricing, but create new pricing for any new members that sign up, you will want to take the following steps:

Create a New Plan

When changing your pricing, we suggest creating a new plan with your new pricing first. Directions on how to create a new plan can be found here.

Update your Sign Up Link and Default Plan

If you are utilizing online sign up, you will want to update your sign up link to make sure it reflects your newly priced plan. To do so, please complete one of the following:


New Pricing for Existing and New Members

If you wish to have current and new members set up on your new pricing plan, you will want to follow the steps outlined in the "New Pricing for New Members" section above. Then you will want to complete the following:

Schedule a Plan Change

Once a new plan, with your new pricing, is created, you will want to schedule a plan change. This should be scheduled on your old pricing plan and be set to change to the new plan.

  • Plan changes can be set up in two different ways:

    • Duration Based: This is set according to a number of months and will be based off of all patients individual membership start dates. Each member on the original plan will move over to new pricing the set number of months after their start date.

    • Date Based: If a date is set up for a plan change, all patients on the old membership pricing will move to the new plan on the specific date of your choosing.

    For a full overview on how to set up a plan change, please take a look at the article here.

    Note: If you have any coverage rules in which the previous pricing plan was assigned, you'll want to make sure this rule is also applied to the new plan before the plan change goes into effect.

Monitoring and Removing Overridden Rates

Once you have scheduled a plan change for your new pricing, we would also suggest checking to see if any patients on your old pricing have overridden rates. If a patient has an overridden rate, this rate will stay the same, even if moved over to a new plan. To check for patients that have overridden rates please follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Use the filter on the upper left to filter by "Active" patients

  2. Use the filter on the lower right "Filter Rate Overrides" to filter by the following:

  • Overridden (Off Rate): This indicates patients that have an overridden rate that is different than that of the current plan that they are on.

  • "Overridden (On Rate): This indicates patients that have an overridden rate that is the same as the pricing on their current membership plan.

Patients with the above overridden rates will stay locked into that overridden rate despite a plan change. To make sure a patients price changes to the new pricing plan, you will need to remove the override on the individual patient membership profiles.

More information on how to add or remove overrides on memberships can be found here.

Custom Patient Notifications

Hint can be utilized for messaging to notify your members of your upcoming price changes. More information on our custom notifications can be found here.

Please see our DPC Accelerator lesson on Messaging and Plan Changes here.

You may also find our DPC Accelerator lesson on How to Raise your Prices helpful.

If you have any additional question on price changes, please feel free to reach out to our team directly at

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