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  1. Account Configuration 

    1. Account Setup
    2. Auto Logout
    3. Adding a User Login
    4. User Controls
    5. Changing User to Admin or Non-Admin
  2. Employers 

    1. Employer Portal: Setting up your account
    2. Employer Portal: Adding New Employees & Dependents
    3. Employer Portal: Un-enrolling an Employee
    4. Employer Portal: Viewing and Paying Invoices
    5. Employer Account Setup
  3. Importing & Export Patient Data  

    1. Importing/Upload Patient Data
    2. Importing Membership Data
    3. How do I download a report with patient email address?
  4. Integrations 

    1. Mailgun Integration
    2. Elation Integration
    3. How Do I Resolve Elation Sync Errors?
    4. Iora Integration
    5. Cyph Integration
  5. Invoices 

    1. Creating and Issuing Invoices
    2. How To Issue A Membership Invoice In Advance Of Due Date
    3. Adding a One Time Charge for a Patient
    4. Scheduling Payment on an Issued Invoice
    5. Invoice Payment Statuses & Payment History
  6. Liberty Direct 

    1. Liberty Direct Transition
  7. Memberships 

    1. Creating a Membership
    2. Adding a Dependent/Patient to a Membership
    3. Creating Memberships Where The Payer Is Not A Patient
    4. Changing Membership Payment Due Date
    5. Assigning a Custom Membership Rate
  8. Patients 

    1. Adding a Patient
    2. Editing a Patient's Phone Number, Email, Address or Date of Birth
    3. Assigning or Changing a Provider for a Patient
    4. Patient Statuses
    5. Patient IDs
  9. Payment Method 

    1. Adding a Payment Source
    2. Instant Bank Account Verification Process
    3. Bank Account Verification Via Test Deposits
    4. How Long Does It Take For An ACH Payment To Finish Clearing?
    5. Payment Source Statuses Explained
  10. Reports & Deposits 

    1. How/When Do I Get Paid?
    2. Membership Reports
    3. Patient Invoices Report
    4. Why Are Some of My Deposits Slightly Off?
    5. Sales Tax Reporting
  11. User Account Setup 

    1. Password Creation and Reset
  12. All articles 

    1. How/When Do I Get Paid?
    2. Mailgun Integration
    3. Adding a Patient
    4. Creating and Issuing Invoices
    5. Adding a Payment Source
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